tao-of-zephyrZephyr provides full-service environmental, health and safety consulting, training, and data systems to commercial enterprises. Zephyr’s particular areas of expertise include air and water quality, waste management, worker and community safety, data management systems, training, site characterization and corrective action, natural resources, incident management, geologic services, and expert testimony and litigation support. Zephyr strives to bring to each endeavor a clear understanding of the importance of effective project management and quality assurance/quality control procedures. In particular, we strive to complete projects according to the client’s precise specifications, within budget, and on schedule.

Zephyr employees know that success comes from hard work and from providing its clients with the best possible solutions. Working as a united team, employees assure integrity of every project completed.

Throughout our company, we strive to follow our vision, purpose and values:

Embrace appropriate changes – For most humans, change can be scary.  However, at Zephyr we remember to welcome appropriate changes into our working environment – whether they are technological or regulatory developments, or someone simply identifies “a better way,” we strive to be receptive to changes that will add value to our clients and our business.

EHS consulting for fun and profit – We at Zephyr acknowledge that for our group of professionals, an important aspect of the satisfaction we derive from our work is to find fresh challenges and interesting projects.  In collaboration with our colleagues and our clients, we seek to enjoy our work every day, and to perform it in such a manner as to be profitable for our business and to add value for our clients.

Respect and accountability – One of our core values is to give everyone we work with respect – for their contributions, their possibly different point of view, and for the energy and diligence they bring to the task at hand.  Similarly, we hold ourselves accountable – to our clients and to each other.  We strive to follow through on our commitments.

Project focused – Even as we have grown, we have tried to maintain an external focus on our clients and projects.  Rather than developing internal hierarchies or complex reporting structures, we view our internal organization as a “resource delivery system” for solving problems and completing projects.

We offer our clients high touch – Our usage of the term “high touch” means quality interactions with our clients, our vendors, and each other.  We believe that every interaction should be a “net positive” experience for everyone involved, even if problematic issues are the business at hand.

We are excited to announce that Zephyr Environmental Corporation has joined POWER Engineers, Inc. (POWER), a global consulting services and engineering firm that specializes in energy, food and beverage facilities, environmental, and federal markets.

Both POWER and Zephyr have a history of success in the electric utility, oil and gas, refinery, and food processing industries. Zephyr continues to serve the chemical and petrochemical, semiconductor, and general manufacturing sectors, and will now be able to offer all of our complementary services under the same roof.

In the next few months, you will begin to see our name and branding start to shift from Zephyr to POWER.  We are pleased you are interested in joining our team where you will work with project teams known for technical excellence and client focus.

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