Environmental, Health and Safety Management Spotlights

Environmental, Health and Safety Management Spotlights2016-12-20T13:18:52+00:00

EHS Regulatory Compliance Audits

Zephyr conducted EHS compliance audits at 19 city facilities. The facilities included the city airport, bus terminals, the Zoo, vehicle and equipment maintenance/service complexes, and solid waste landfills. Sixteen different EHS issues were evaluated including employee safety; emergency planning and community right-to-know; storm water pollution prevention and discharge permitting; wastewater [...]


Identification and Control of EHS Hazards of New Processes

Zephyr has assisted SEMATECH with the identification of arsenic and other chemical hazards related to a new compound semiconductor layering, on silicon wafers, process. This effort has included a broad employee exposure and environmental discharges risk analysis related to the layering process and a wide array of post-layering semiconductor processing steps.  [...]