GIS Spotlights

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Custom Aerials (Drone Flights)

There is a good amount of available data out there but sometimes your solution does not exist in the vast amount of information. We can help you create a custom solution. Can’t find an aerial of a particular piece of new equipment or since you cleared a staging area. Give [...]


Modeled Endangered Species Potential Habitat

Zephyr conducted a thorough desktop analysis and field habitat assessment for a large-scale linear project through multiple counties in Texas. The initial desktop assessment saved expensive field time by narrowing down the search parameters. Through utilizing a range of sources we received confirmation from USFWS that potential impacts to endangered [...]


Alternative Analysis

Multiple datasets are combined to produce an Alternatives Analysis. In this proposed scenario, datasets including wetlands, floodplains, cultural sites, hydric soils, surface and subsurface infrastructure; hydrography and sensitive eco-communities are combined to review man-made and environmental constraints and generate alternative routes from Point A to Point B. Alternative Analysis Map [...]


Environmental Constraints

This map represents a review of environmentally sensitive areas and species known to occur near a fictitious site. It is essential to understand what local, regional, and federal limitations exist in the vicinity of your project. Zephyr will review these limitations and determine what permit efforts are required to move [...]