Health & Safety Project Spotlights

Health & Safety Project Spotlights2016-12-20T13:18:52+00:00

Occupational Noise Survey

Zephyr conducted personal noise exposure monitoring for employees performing tasks associated with the research, development and testing of piping. Using noise dosimeters, Zephyr monitored and collected noise exposure measurements for employees working in six different areas at the facility. An area sound level survey was also performed. Zephyr prepared a [...]


Investigation of Incidents, Accidents or Concerns

Zephyr supports a client by conducting incident and accident investigations and documenting the findings on a form similar to the OSHA 301 form. The primary purpose of incident investigation and analysis of activities is to prevent future incidents. The process must produce factual information leading to corrective actions that prevent [...]


Health and Safety Compliance Audits

Zephyr conducted a Health and Safety (H&S) Compliance audit at a large metal recovery and recycling facility over a 2-day period. The audit required a review of 21 health and safety programs for regulatory compliance, evidence of implementation, and recordkeeping. The purpose of the audit was to evaluate and document [...]


Health and Safety Program Development

Zephyr evaluated 36 client Health and Safety programs and provided updates and recommended new programs where necessary to conform with OSHA and/or best practices. Zephyr developed an Emergency Action Plan, a Hazardous Energy Control (LOTO) program, a Confined Space Program, and an Electrical Safety Program conforming with NFPA 70E. Hazardous [...]