Implementation Services

Our reputation is built on best practices. Client satisfaction is our number one goal. We deliver Cityworks solutions that fit your business and improve your organizational and technical capabilities. Leveraging what we know works and what we have done before, we help you succeed.

Planning and Design

Work of any kind is the core of the product. With our understanding of business processes analysis and re-engineering workflows, we deliver Cityworks solutions that improve work efficiency – whether off the shelf or a unique application, we make it work for you, your business and your processes.

Requirements and Configuration

Involving users early in the process to define requirements, you can trust us to address the gaps with our knowledge and skills to support your goals and leverage your capabilities. We carefully craft solutions that provide the right functionality for more efficient operations.

Migration Services

As you move from legacy systems into Cityworks – by migrating work orders, service requests, and other data sources into one asset repository, you raise the value of your investment.   Our experience shows that a structured methodology often improves the quality of data and streamlines work processes. Migrations may include an evaluation of existing data, mapping source data to the target system and tools for automating the process and correcting data quality issues. We have migrated from many legacy systems, including Hansen, DataStream, Cartegraph, Davey Tree, Tokay, FAMIS, Cititech, Motorola 311, iWorks and more.

Custom Development

The GIS-centric platform of Cityworks becomes a powerhouse for enhanced applications, ready-made components and unique workflows that add more value to your organization.  We have extensive experience extending the Cityworks platform to provide targeted customer specific productivity enhancements.  A few examples include:

Training and Support

End user training is essential to a successful project.  We have experienced trainers on staff who know the Cityworks product inside and out and who know how to best use it in your industry. Collaborating with you to transfer knowledge, we help facilitate your own specialists – those valuable experts within your organization who maintain and sustain the system.  Our training programs are custom fitted to your implementation.  From configuration through deployment we provide personalized attention that ensures a smooth transition to production use of the Cityworks solution.