Strategic Consulting

POWER’s strategic consulting services for geospatial and asset management range from enterprise-wide solution roadmaps to specific technology plans.

Our team identifies alternative technologies and solutions suitable for your operating environment. You receive an independent, impartial evaluation. In a marketplace characterized by rapidly evolving technology, we believe this strategy provides the greatest value to the organizations we serve.

A Path to ArcGIS Pro

Preparing for the changeover to Esri’s Utility Network and ArcGIS Pro can take 1 to 3 years to align your processes. POWER has been involved since the platform’s inception, so we can help you move ahead now. Our team can guide you safely through several transition steps on the path to ArcGIS Pro and the Utility Network model:

Learn more about the Path to ArcGIS Pro


Needs Assessment

POWER starts by listening to you. Whatever your objective and budget, we work with you to develop the best strategy. At the very highest level, concepts and business needs are obtained, defined, and the project is organized to develop a clear and comprehensive scope.

Business Process Analysis

We typically find that business processes have evolved over time and the associated documentation is non-existent, incomplete or inaccurate. We recommend documenting your current business processes. This makes it easy to identify inefficiencies, duplication of effort, and other areas of potential improvement. Then the “Future State” or “Should Be” business process flows can be developed.

Go Forward Plans

We help you make smart project decisions based on newly documented processes. No two projects are alike. Your solutions must match the needs identified by your system users and key stakeholders. Once you clarify your overall high-level system requirements, the “go forward” plan outlines how you’re going to get to where you want to go.

Business Case Development and Executive Presentations

We develop a business case according to each organization’s preference. Project justification often focuses on return on investment based upon project expenditures, maintenance costs, and recognition of benefits. POWER’s team of industry experts has deep knowledge of industry trends and best practices to give your executive presentations the extra edge required to get your project budget approved.

Business Performance Optimization

POWER offers a consistent approach to understanding and managing the impacts of a project on your business and your budget. Your current business costs are measured against the costs and benefits of changing processes and implementing new technologies. A fully integrated enterprise GIS and asset management system has long been an industry best practice that can optimize business performance and provide value across an organization.

System, Vendor Selections, and Decision Support

We employ decision support tools and guide the development of weighted criteria and scoring guidelines for vendor or system selection. A “buy vs. build” decision also significantly impacts the structure of the project and potential costs. Vendor demonstrations, selection workshops, RFP development, and benchmark demonstrations are typically part of the selection process.

POWER uses SelectPro, a user-friendly decision support application for modeling decision objectives and criteria, and then synthesizing the analysis of different options into a defensible recommendation.

Change Management

Organization change management (sometimes called operational readiness) is related to an organization’s preparation for revised business processes that are required for new or enhanced hardware and software solutions. POWER helps your organization prepare for change by:

  • Performing an analysis of the current business processes and the proposed “future state” and documenting the workflow changes
  • Determining users’ understanding of the proposed upgrade through interviews and surveys
  • Developing a change management plan, which outlines required training and communications
  • Implementing the change management plan

Project and Program Management

POWER leverages our extensive project and program management experience along with existing templates, checklists, and best practices to complete a project efficiently and with a high degree of quality.

Our experienced project managers are dedicated to achieving your project goals through:

  • A well-defined and executed project management plan
  • An approach that shows value early and often in a project
  • An ability to institute scope management controls
  • Establishing a realistic, achievable schedule