Project Description

Aquifer TestingZephyr performed aquifer testing at a Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) under the jurisdiction of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to determine the groundwater resource classification of two affected groundwater-bearing units (GWBUs) underlying the site. Rising-head slug (in-situ hydraulic conductivity) tests were performed in monitoring wells screened in both GWBUs. The purposed of the slug tests were to determine site-specific hydraulic conductivities for both GWBUs, and if these units conform to the TRRP GWBU criteria and not that of saturated soil. Pump tests were later conducted in shallow unit and deep unit monitoring well to determine the groundwater resource classification (Class 1, 2 or 3) of these two GWBUs. The pump test findings indicated that both units are hydraulically connected at one area of the site; however, the well yields demonstrated that both GWBUs qualify as Class 3 groundwater resources (non-drinking water resource). This groundwater resource classification determination allowed for the development of higher concentration cleanup levels than those applicable to (drinking water resources).


Spotlight Details

General Manufacturing – HVAC Controllers

Services Provided:
Aquifer Testing – Groundwater Resource Classification Determination