Project Description

Emergency Response Capability Assessment Zephyr’s hazardous materials response specialists developed site-specific release scenarios and facilitated tabletop drills involving anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia, and sulfuric acid to assess emergency response capabilities at clients’ facilities. Following each tabletop drill, reports were prepared to provide Zephyr’s suggestions for improvement in response capabilities, training, resources, etc. Exercises, drills, tabletops, and workshops are developed using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) doctrine to allow for inclusion of outside response partners should facilities choose.

Example Projects:

  • Confined Space Entry Training at a major food manufacturer
  • Facilitated a full-scale exercise of a large hazardous material release and spill response at a major paint manufacturer
  • Evaluated a hazardous materials release response at a chemical manufacturer
  • Facilitated a drill for a hazardous materials release and rescue of downed workers at a semiconductor facility
  • Facilitated a Table-top exercise for response to a malicious hazardous material threat to academic (collegiate) institution

Project details:

Multiple (General Manufacturing; Semiconductor; Academia)

Services Provided:
Developed Site-Specific Release Scenarios; Facilitated Tabletop Drills; Emergency Response Assessment