Project Description

TCEQ Voluntary Cleanup Program Zephyr provided assistance in obtaining Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) eligibility for a manufacturing facility that historically used chlorinated solvents for degreasing. The on-site property being addressed under the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) and the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rules is comprised of approximately four (4) acres, and is located on the confined zone of the Edwards Aquifer. Upon entering into a VCP Agreement with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), a Work Plan describing the field activities to be conducted, target environmental media, target chemicals of concern (COCs) sampling rational and procedures, and relevant analytical methods to be utilized in the affected property assessment was prepared and submitted to the TCEQ for review and approved. TCEQ concurred with the Work Plan, and Zephyr proceeded with the investigation. The investigation involved the collected of surface and subsurface soil samples from exploratory borings, the installation of single and multi-cased monitoring wells, collection of groundwater samples and in-situ multiple aquifer testing (slug tests and pump tests). The affected property assessment report was submitted to the TCEQ in February 2010. A quarterly groundwater monitoring program is ongoing to evaluate monitored natural attenuation as a response action. Progress reports are also being submitted by Zephyr monthly to the TCEQ.


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Services Provided:
Soil and Groundwater Investigation; Affected Property Assessment Report Preparation; Response Action Plan Preparation and Implementation via Groundwater Monitoring