LCRA-GHG-Permitting-0126121CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas  | Jan 2012
Austin, TX
Zephyr’s Larry Moon along with Mr. Joe Bentley of the Lower Colorado River Authority gave a presentation on the “Case History of LCRA Ferguson Plant GHG Permitting” during a Technical Advisory Committee Meeting of the CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas. The CLEAN AIR Force is a nonprofit made up of local businesses, governments, universities, and health/environmental groups that work together to improve air quality in Central Texas. The presentation provided a case history of the LCRA Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant’s greenhouse gas (GHG) permitting process. Since Zephyr was successful in helping LCRA obtain the first GHG Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permit in Texas, Zephyr published a press release that describes that news and provides links to EPA’s review and permitting process.
Larry Moon, PE, Principal and Joe Bentley, LCRA