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About Zephyr - History bellZephyr Environmental Corporation was established in 1994 by our five founders, Patrick, Art, Celeste, Jeanne, and David who got together and decided to build something better. Each of them had worked at much larger firms during their careers, and each had the idea that there was a place for a new environmental consulting firm, dedicated to technical excellence and responsive service.

And now many years later, the fullness of time has borne out our founders’ vision. We think we’ve kept the best parts of their original vision in our culture — technical excellence, responsiveness, and “consulting for fun and profit” for the employee owners. But many things have changed for us, too. From the five original employees, we’ve grown to 80 people and acquired two companies along the way. From the original office space next to a fish wholesaler, we’ve grown to offices in five cities and worked in almost every state and a number of countries overseas. We’ve performed over 5,100 projects and served hundreds of clients.

about-bubblegum-machineThe benefit to our clients from our business model is clear — at Zephyr, our clients work with a group of talented employee-owners who are highly invested in the business; it’s not “just a paycheck” to us. We very much appreciate our clients’ business and the opportunities to grow in our careers. We fully recognize that the trust our clients place in us to help them meet their objectives is the foundation of our growing business. Our founders acted on a dream many years ago, and we are still busily “building the dream” today.