Food Industry

Zephyr Environmental has an extensive portfolio of food industry clientele that regularly entail consulting, training and data systems services to food manufacturing facilities which enable them to better assess, control, and manage their operational risks. Zephyr’s expertise include comprehensive air, water, and waste permitting services and program development, regulatory applicability determinations, and auditing support to the food industry.We maintain active relationships with industry leaders, process experts, and management personnel to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

Services include:

  • Environmental, safety and health compliance audits
  • Air quality permit applications
  • Preparation of required compliance reports (Toxic Release Inventory, Tier II, Emissions Inventory, etc.)
  • Air emissions calculations and modeling
  • BACT evaluations for various abatement technologies
  • Wastewater management including preparation of slug plans and permitting support
  • Industrial solid waste management program assistance
  • Data management systems for recordkeeping
  • Regulatory applicability determinations
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan preparation
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure plans
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Environmental Management System development and implementation assistance
  • ISO 14001 gap analyses and conformance audits
  • Occupational safety and health program development
  • On-site consulting and training services including Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Training