Land Use Planning & Landscape Architecture

Land Use Planning

The best way to get from Point A to Point B isn’t always a straight line, and our land use planning experts can help you identify and understand land use variables to ensure your project meets your goals while minimizing impacts to the surroundings. Early in the planning process, our experts engage stakeholders, including Federal, state, and local government officials; conservation groups; affected property owners; and members of the public to understand their concerns and comply with regulatory requirements. 

Collaborating throughout POWER with multi-disciplinary engineers and environmental professionals, we evaluate study areas to determine opportunities and constraints to permit and construct your project. By examining all angles—including air quality, biological, cultural, and water resources; visual impacts; public involvement; and more—we can lead you to a land use plan that is efficient, ethical, and effective.

Land Use Planning Projects

Our land use planning services are useful in many types of projects, including:  

Landscape Architecture

Whatever it is you’re envisioning, POWER’s landscape architecture experts can help you navigate the regulatory maze to make your vision reality. Our landscape architects will work with you on each step of the process, skillfully guiding you through the complexities of site planning, environmental stewardship, and public outreach to arrive at a final design that is an attractive, safe, and sustainable outdoor space.

We will help you maximize the function, economy, and aesthetic value of your space by addressing the opportunities and constraints, including regulatory requirements, public concerns and expectations, cultural sensitivity, and local climate and environmental conditions.

Landscape Architecture Projects

We work on a wide variety of projects that require landscape architecture, including:

Landscape Architecture Services

Landscape Architecture services you may be interested in are: