Cyber Security

Driven by the need to protect vital assets and comply with the latest regulations, physical and cyber security are important features for all your locations.

POWER can supply risk assessment and provide mitigation strategies. We apply sound system engineering and design to give you a successful strategic approach to cyber and physical security.

This proven approach keeps your control, protection and communication systems as well as physical sites protected from security threats.

Security for Your Unique Needs

For POWER, cyber and physical security aren’t afterthoughts. We design security into your unique project during initial engineering. We deliver control systems that monitor the critical aspects of your system and alert you to possible threats.

We employ a wide range of surveillance and detection systems that meet your specific needs, and we provide solutions that include response capability, recovery planning and testing.

Protection for Your People, Systems and Sites

As part of a sound strategy, our solutions look ahead to coming changes and allow you to make cost-effective investments right now.

You gain the confidence that your security is engineered to protect people, systems and sites in order to enable reliable operations.

Security Services