Project Description

M&G Resins, USAM&G Resins USA, LLC
PTA/PET Resin Plant

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

Contract Period: 2012 – Present

Zephyr is providing comprehensive environmental consulting services for a Greenfield PTA/PET Resin Plant which includes environmental assessments, Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air quality permitting, water quality permitting, and USACE permitting.  The preparation of the PSD air quality permit application involved all analysis and preparation of documents including detailed BACT analysis and regulatory analysis for both routine and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and air dispersion modeling. The GHG application was submitted separately to the U.S. EPA and also included a biological assessment and cultural resources assessment. Zephyr conducted air dispersion modeling using the AERMOD model to demonstrate that the proposed facility will not cause or contribute to an exceedance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, PSD Increment Consumption Limits and state property line standards.

For water quality permitting, a unique aspect of this project was the proposal to install a desalinization plant for treatment of sea water to meet the water demands of the project and avoid impacting the local water supply. Zephyr’s engineers worked with the preliminary design engineers with regard to the configuration of wastewater outfalls so as to minimize the number of internal outfalls that may be required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Zephyr’s engineers prepared the necessary application materials and assisted throughout the permitting process.  Zephyr worked collaboratively with other subject matter experts to address modeling the characteristics and consequences of wastewater discharge into water bodies with particular focus on the approach to preserving water quality.  This analysis provided the client with the technical assurance to proceed with the project and to move forward with the discharge permitting.

For the USACE permitting, Zephyr has worked closely with the client to understand and identify potential impacts from the project related construction activities. To initiate the USACE permitting process, Zephyr performed a detailed jurisdictional determination/delineation of all hydric features within the project area.  From this data, Zephyr developed a Nationwide Permit application to the USACE.  The submittal describes the proposed project, the quantity and quality of hydric features on site, quantifies the acreage of hydric features proposed for impact, describes potential impacts to endangered species and cultural resources, and explains how storm water runoff will be controlled. As this project required mitigation for wetland impacts, various potential mitigation site were evaluated and proposed mitigation plans were evaluated for technical feasibility, regulatory compliance and overall potential for success.

Zephyr has supported construction efforts with FAA submittals for aeronautical impacts review and preparation of the storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP).  Zephyr will also provide SWPPP and USACE compliance training and site inspections during the plant construction as part of the project.

Additional public relations support included participating in numerous meetings with interested community organizations, local business groups and city, state, and federal government officials.

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Key Services:
Comprehensive Environmental Permitting for Greenfield Plant
Federal and State Air Permitting
USACE Permitting
Clean Water Act Permitting
Strategic Negotiations with TCEQ
BACT Analysis, including GHG
Air Dispersion Modeling
Public Outreach

Corpus Christi, TX