Project Description

Environmental Management System (EMS) Development and Implementation Assistance Zephyr assisted an electric utility in Texas to develop and implement an EMS throughout their organization. The project began with a Gap Analysis to compare the utility’s current EMS to the minimum standards established in the ISO 14001 Standard, as well as the local state EMS Rule. Zephyr prescribed a roadmap for the utility to develop an EMS that conforms to these standards based on this gap analysis. Zephyr worked closely with plant personnel at its three power production plants and associated electric service distribution facilities to review the utility’s current policies and practices. Following this work, Zephyr assisted the utility by facilitating the determination of environmental aspects and associated impacts of its activities, which form the basis of its EMS. Zephyr worked with the utility to re-define their EMS and developed procedures that described all its elements as specified in ISO 14001 and the Texas EMS Rule. Finally, Zephyr helped the utility to prepare for a state EMS certification audit by providing EMS training to its employees and assisting with implementation of the new EMS.

Spotlight Details

Electric Power

Services Provided:
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Development and Implementation