Project Description

Red River PlantADA Carbon Solutions, LLC
Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant

Location: Red River Parish, Louisiana

Zephyr assisted ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLC (“ADA”) with the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permitting of major modifications to their activated carbon (AC) manufacturing plant in Red River Parish, Louisiana (“the Project”).  The AC is used to control mercury emissions from power plants.  The Project involved a significant capacity expansion to the existing AC production line.  Zephyr performed an analysis of the baseline and projected actual emissions associated with the Project and determined that it triggered PSD review for SO2, PM2.5, H2SO4, and greenhouse gases (GHG).  Unique to the Project was the GHG best available control technology analysis conducted for multi-hearth furnaces integral to the AC manufacturing process.  Based on the results of a significant impact assessment, Zephyr conducted full-impact NAAQS compliance and PSD increment consumption analyses for PM2.5.  Zephyr’s analysis demonstrated that the proposed operation of the modified plant would comply with the PM2.5 NAAQS and not fully consume the available PM2.5 increment.  Zephyr assisted ADA with the development of revised permit conditions and associated negotiations with Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) staff.  The LDEQ issued the Part 70 and PSD permits for the Project in December 2016.

Spotlight Details

Industry: Chemical

Services Provided:
Part 70 Permitting
PSD Permitting
PSD Applicability Assessment
Air Quality Impact Assessment (NAAQS and PSD increments)
Air Dispersion Modeling
BACT Analysis (including GHG)

Location: Louisiana