Project Description

Railroad Commission of Texas Oil & Gas Investigation and RemediationZephyr provided assistance in collecting soil samples during a construction excavation project where crude oil impacted soils were encountered. Soil samples collected from this construction excavation and analyzed for TPH (TX1005) revealed concentrations of TPH greater than 1% by weight (>10,000 milligrams per Kilogram (mg/Kg]). Consequently, a site investigation was conducted to delineate the vertical and horizontal extent of the remaining impacted soils. At issue was whether the investigation/remediation was subject to RRC or TCEQ jurisdiction.   Zephyr contracted for the forensic analysis of a soil sample that confirmed the source of contamination to be crude oil, which confirmed that the site was regulated under the RRC. Zephyr went on to conduct soil sampling to vertically and horizontally delineate the historic crude oil impacted media.

Spotlight Details

Oil & Gas

Services Provided:
Site Soil Investigation, Characterization, and Remedial Oversight