Project Description

Zephyr co-developed a risk screening tool (RST) for manufacturing facilities. Risk reduction activities at a facility can be tracked over time by updating the RST periodically. The RST is a simple, user-friendly screening tool that allows personnel with varying backgrounds to characterize operational risk at a facility by selecting from a master worksheet of potential risk scenarios. The RST provides reports listing scenarios with high residual risk and recommendations for reducing this risk. The tool was designed to be user modifiable, such that new or different systems/subsystems, detections and responses, opportunities for reducing the frequency and/or severity of very undesirable outcomes, and risk scenarios can be added.

Example features:

  • User defined, intuitive menu buttons
  • Built in user’s guides
  • Reports with color coding & highlights
  • Reports can be printed or exported

Spotlight Details

Manufacturing Industry Consortium

Services Provided:
Risk Management Tool