Risk Management & Facility Preparedness Projects Spotlights

Risk Management & Facility Preparedness Projects Spotlights2016-12-20T13:18:51+00:00

Preparedness Planning

Developed Integrated Contingency Plans to coordinate response actions in site EAPs, SPCC plans, Storm Water Plans, Risk Management Plans, in addition to other reporting requirements (EPCRA, State release reporting requirements, etc.). Spotlight Details Industry: Multiple (Electric Power, General Manufacturing - Paint, Aerospace Equipment) Services [...]


Facility Risk Assessment

Zephyr performs assessments to determine EHS risks, hazards, and subsequent regulatory obligations. Risk assessment may include an evaluation of whether risk management planning is applicable to a facility, based on hazardous materials used, stored, or manufactured. Zephyr has experience with many types of facilities in developing risk management plans (RMP) [...]


Emergency Response Capability Assessment

Zephyr's hazardous materials response specialists developed site-specific release scenarios and facilitated tabletop drills involving anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia, and sulfuric acid to assess emergency response capabilities at clients’ facilities. Following each tabletop drill, reports were prepared to provide Zephyr's suggestions for improvement in response capabilities, training, resources, etc. Exercises, drills, [...]