Emissions Credits and OffsetsNon-attainment areas add complexity to an already complicated permitting process. Zephyr routinely advises clients on how the banking and trading elements affect permitting costs and timelines, and offers strategies to minimize these added complications.

Zephyr assists in generating, purchasing, and selling Emission Reduction Credits (ERC), Discrete Emission Reduction Credits (DERC), and Mass Emission Cap and Trade (MECT) allowances. Additionally, we can help you to meet the requirements of the Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compound (HRVOC) Cap and Trade Program.

Our staff can also assist with questions about the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and the Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR).

Services include:

  • Using ERCs as offset credits for non-attainment permitting
  • Strategic planning for future ERC/DERC generation options
  • Assistance in generating DERCs and preparing DERC use applications
  • Executing credit and allowance transfers
  • Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Services
Emissions Credits and Offsets Project Spotlights