Greenhouse Gases and Climate ChangeWith the issuance of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting rule and EPA’s decision that NSR permitting is required for some new GHG sources, the tracking, recordkeeping, reporting, and permitting of GHG emissions is a now a reality for many companies. Zephyr’s scientists and engineers collaborate with our clients to help them achieve compliance while developing their baseline inventories to better track GHG emissions levels over time. Zephyr is experienced in providing a host of services to help its clients meet these challenges.

Services include:

  • Identifying and Explaining Client Obligations Under GHG Regulatory Programs
  • Identifying and Tracking GHG Emissions Sources
  • Preparing Voluntary and Mandatory GHG Emissions Inventories to Meet the Requirements of Federal, Regional, Local, and Industry-Wide Initiatives
  • Auditing of In-house GHG Recordkeeping and Inventory
  • Preparing GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR) Monitoring and Compliance Plans
  • Preparing Climate Change Business Plans including Recommending Targets and Timetables for GHG Reductions, Determining Carbon Footprints, Assistance in Evaluating and Participating in GHG Cap-and-Trade Programs
  • Performing PSD and Title V Permitting Applicability Analyses for GHG Sources
  • Identifying Best Available Control Technology Options for GHG Emissions
  • Preparing and Submitting NSR Permit Applications for GHG Sources
Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change Service Summary

Zephyr the leader in GHG Permit Applications in Texas

Since large combustion sources have been required to obtain GHG Permits, Zephyr has become the leading consulting firm in the preparation of GHG permit applications for sources located in the state of Texas. Currently, Zephyr has prepared more GHG permitting applications (to EPA Region 6) than any other consulting firm, including the very first GHG permit issued in the state of Texas. Zephyr continues to provide industry-leading service in this field as the responsibility for issuance of GHG permits has transferred from the EPA to the TCEQ.

Zephyr’s Total GHG Permit Applications in Texas*
Combined-cycle combustion turbine power production facilities: 10
Simple-cycle peaking combustion turbine power production facilities: 3
New or expansions to existing large chemical complexes: 4
Combined heat and power (CHP) facilities: 2

*as of March 2015

Greenhouse Gases Project Spotlights