Explore, visualize, manage and analyze your data

In today’s world, geospatial solutions are useful in all aspects of business and analysis. With an experienced staff of geospatial technology professionals, Zephyr offers a full spectrum of geographic information services (GIS), including advanced data analysis, visual simulation, modeling, and integration. Whether delineating wetlands, mapping sensitive receptors to a proposed site, or preparing exhibits for a contested case hearing, Zephyr’s geospatial consulting services incorporate technology and industry expertise to develop a solution specific for each individual client.

GIS Mapping and Geospatial Solutions Service Summary

Services include:

  • Customized Maps, Figures and Graphics
  • 3D Data Visualization and Analysis
  • Sub-Meter GPS Data Collection
  • Environmental Constraints Evaluations (Project Spotlight)
  • Linear Assessments and Desktop Delineations


Zephyr customizes interactive maps and applications to review and analyze your data at your convenience through multiple media. Use your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to access and share your maps and data real-time while in the field, the office, or in between.

GIS/Geospatial Project Spotlights