Geologic & Hydrogeologic Services Zephyr provides a variety of geologic and hydrogeologic services necessary to support our client’s needs. Our experienced geoscientists are licensed to practice in several states, including but not limited to Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, and Wyoming. The geoscientists at Zephyr have the technical knowledge and capabilities needed to help our clients determine the feasibility of groundwater supply development, identify geologic hazards that could potentially impact land development decisions, and identify sensitive features (geologic and/or manmade) that hydraulically connect surface and karst aquifers.

The sound geologic knowledge of our geoscientists can also assist our clients in the exploration and evaluation of their property or prospective property for siting, aggregate, clay and stone mining, and quarrying.

Geologic and Hydrogeologic Service Summary

Geologic services include:

  • Geologic Hazard (Active Faulting and Sinkhole) Studies
  • Aggregate, Stone, and Clay Resource Studies
  • Edwards Aquifer Rule Compliance
  • Historic/Abandoned Mine Studies

Hydrogeologic services include:

  • Wellhead Protection Studies
  • Local, State, and Regional Groundwater Supply Permitting
  • Aquifer Testing
Geologic/Hydrogeologic Project Spotlights